Day one of the Begining

Okay, so today I made the big move…… the scale!  I graduated high school in 1974, from Sycamore High School in Sycamore, Illinois. During my years in high school, I was heavily into my drug addiction.  I began smoking pot (now I guess the proper name is weed) at the age of 15.  I smoked it almost everyday for about 5 years.  My first experience with chemicals was when I was 15 as well, was with a 4 way hit of orange sunshine acid. It was quite the trip, pun intended.  At 15 Iweighed about 150 pounds.  When I graduated I was about 160.  So today, I hit the scales at 220 pounds.  That is a whopping 60 pounds more than I weighed at graduation 33 years ago, wow!  I had been raised in a dysfunctional Christian home, from the age of 15 on, I came and went when I wanted to come and go.  I was a heavy drug user and frequently brought girls over for “sleepovers.”  What were my parents thinking????  I had no boundaries in my life as a teen whatsoever.  So I had to deal with my addictions from a young age.   I didn’t really succumb to food addictions in my younger years, as the other ones were more fun and fulfilling at that point in my life.  For 5 years I looked for love in all the wrong places,  sex partners too numerous too mention, out of control drug parties and a wild lifestyle.  Even in those years, God protected me from ever getting a girl pregnant, and He kept me from getting STDs.  Just before I turn 20, I sensed a deep call from God, I was having fun, but I was very miserable inside.  One friend by the name of Jeff Burger, (one of the people who introduced me to chemicals) had gotten saved and Spirit-filled.  He invited me to a FourSquare church that was having a revival.  Actually he dared me to go to church.  I went, and could not believe the experience.  The church I had attended during my childhood years and youth was DEAD.  I had never been to a church that was alive and filled with the Spirit of God.  I ended up starting a real relationship with God. It was amazing how the Holy Spirit had kept pursuing me.  I asked Him to give me the power to overcome my drug habit, which he did in a miraculous way!  I have not touched in illegal drug in over 30 years.  It is amazing how much “baggage” you can have at 20 years old!   Although, I think that my food addiction has been much more difficult than my drug addiction!  So here I am, at 50, trying to kick this food addiction.  Today I’ve only had a vegtable juice from Adas and a fruit smoothie from Adas for dinner.  Only 2 hours till bed, day one, almost in the bucket!   I will hit the scale tomorrow morning!


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