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Day one of the Begining

July 17, 2007

Okay, so today I made the big move…… the scale!  I graduated high school in 1974, from Sycamore High School in Sycamore, Illinois. During my years in high school, I was heavily into my drug addiction.  I began smoking pot (now I guess the proper name is weed) at the age of 15.  I smoked it almost everyday for about 5 years.  My first experience with chemicals was when I was 15 as well, was with a 4 way hit of orange sunshine acid. It was quite the trip, pun intended.  At 15 Iweighed about 150 pounds.  When I graduated I was about 160.  So today, I hit the scales at 220 pounds.  That is a whopping 60 pounds more than I weighed at graduation 33 years ago, wow!  I had been raised in a dysfunctional Christian home, from the age of 15 on, I came and went when I wanted to come and go.  I was a heavy drug user and frequently brought girls over for “sleepovers.”  What were my parents thinking????  I had no boundaries in my life as a teen whatsoever.  So I had to deal with my addictions from a young age.   I didn’t really succumb to food addictions in my younger years, as the other ones were more fun and fulfilling at that point in my life.  For 5 years I looked for love in all the wrong places,  sex partners too numerous too mention, out of control drug parties and a wild lifestyle.  Even in those years, God protected me from ever getting a girl pregnant, and He kept me from getting STDs.  Just before I turn 20, I sensed a deep call from God, I was having fun, but I was very miserable inside.  One friend by the name of Jeff Burger, (one of the people who introduced me to chemicals) had gotten saved and Spirit-filled.  He invited me to a FourSquare church that was having a revival.  Actually he dared me to go to church.  I went, and could not believe the experience.  The church I had attended during my childhood years and youth was DEAD.  I had never been to a church that was alive and filled with the Spirit of God.  I ended up starting a real relationship with God. It was amazing how the Holy Spirit had kept pursuing me.  I asked Him to give me the power to overcome my drug habit, which he did in a miraculous way!  I have not touched in illegal drug in over 30 years.  It is amazing how much “baggage” you can have at 20 years old!   Although, I think that my food addiction has been much more difficult than my drug addiction!  So here I am, at 50, trying to kick this food addiction.  Today I’ve only had a vegtable juice from Adas and a fruit smoothie from Adas for dinner.  Only 2 hours till bed, day one, almost in the bucket!   I will hit the scale tomorrow morning!


Hello world!

July 16, 2007

Greetings and Salutations, my name is Doug Williams and I am a fifty year old man with a great wife, three adoring children, (2 still at home)and a Pug.  I am currently a used car dealer in South Florida but have worn many hats in my short life!  (I still feel 18, and my wife may say I still act 18 sometimes)  I was the lead pastor of a church plant in south Florida which we pastored for 3 years, and is still going strong today as a healthy church!  I have been a Christian for 30 years.  There has been times when my life had a cutting edge on it, then there have been times when I could have jumped head first into the abyss of sin and carnality.  I am only starting to catch a glimpse of what the grace of God means to me personally. I would describe myself as a compulsive addictive type personality,  and I have battled most addictions known to man, okay, maybe not that many!  In this blog I am setting out to battle one of the last addictions I need to face, that of FOOD!  Adventures of a regular Christian will chronicle my battle of the buldge and other profound thoughts from the perspective of one that has no special gifts or talents outside the ones common to Christ-Followers, the Holy Spirit.  Will I ever need him for these adventures!  Tomorrow is July 16th, and I am going to try to juice/liquid fast the entire day.  My objective is to do this type of fast for 40 days, but my flesh is weak.  I am a good (or bad) 40 pounds overweight, and a total food addict.  We will see how this goes, pray for me if you can…………………Doug